Production Areas

Our years of experience in refining and packaging nuts, seeds and dried fruit and our state-of-the-art technology make it possible for us to offer an extensive range of production technologies including processing high-quality raw materials (roasting, salting or seasoning, pathogen reduction, sorting). We have a monthly conveyor roaster capacity of approximately 2000 metric tons and a monthly drum roaster capacity of approximately 1000 metric tons. Drum roasting creates excellent-quality roasting results in pistachios in the shell and is considered the company’s signature process.

In addition to hand-sorting, we also clean raw products using ultrasound cleaning equipment to remove foreign bodies and lower-quality product. Our pathogen reduction procedure uses heat or electrolysis to successfully reduce biofilms (bacteria, viruses, yeasts and mold) without the use of chemicals.

Seeds and nuts can be chopped to standard sizes like 2 to 4 mm or 6 to 8 mm or to customized sizes and then sifted. Raw products that were under a strong vacuum or that need to be processed as a block in a cardboard box are broken up according to their specific properties.

In large-scale packaging, we offer 5 to 10 kg vacuum bags, big bags and flat-bottom bags for packing and repacking. We have storage capacity for over 1500 europallets.

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